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We provide professional corporate event photography services to photograph all activities of the event, organized by your company. We deliver quality professional photography services to you, focus on exceeding your expectations at a fair price. We will work within your shooting list and also capturing meaningful candid moments.

Being part of MICE destination, Bali become the target of well-known brands to hold events such as product launching, marketing gatherings, meetings, conference, exhibition and others. Our specialty is to make documentation for a corporate events. Surely as a photographer that has a lot of experience in the field of photography, we are already accustomed to photograph the event. With good skills, qualified equipment, as well as considerable experience. We will present the pictures with the best quality, so your brand, can showcase the best in print and online media and add value for the coverage


Bali Event Photography

Bali sophisticated photography service that brings your event documentary into memorable images for company and personal.


Bali Photobooth

Photo Booth with the unique instagram features which can be broaden your social media coverage and print for your guest impression and memories.